Inaugural Post

Hi everyone,

My name is Egor and I recently started Big Apple Langues, which is based in Nantes, France.

With my class in front of a famous painting!

This is the blog for Big Apple Langues. In this blog, I hope to give the readers some tips on learning English, studying languages in general. Since the main focus of Big Apple Langues will be helping French speakers learn English, most of the posts will be in English or French.

I hope to have some guest posts from language learners, language teachers, and other people that are generally interested in language.

I am going to reflect on how to improve your language learning, vocabulary learning, grammar, the levels of fluency in a language, language trivia, interesting etymology, translation problems. I also hope to give people insight how I maintain and learn new languages.

There are many good language learning blogs on the internet. I hope to be able to take the best from what those blogs have to offer and encourage people to look at languages not as something intimidating or frightening, but as an interest that can be developed like any other ability.

I hope that as readers, people will leave comments and make requests for posts.

Happy reading!

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