Alex OrtegaJe suis Alexis, Parisien de 28 ans qui est venu vivre a Manhattan en septembre 2012. La difficulté pour moi ici est que je ne parlais pas du tout anglais. J’ai donc fait appel a Egor car j’ai beaucoup apprécié le fait qu’il soit un professeur d’anglais diplômé et surtout qui parle le français. Le français a été une aide très précieuse car pour expliquer un point de grammaire ou conjugaison c’est plus simple et rapide a comprendre en français qu’en anglais. J’ai pris un mois et demi intense, 1h30 tous les jours et mes progrès ont été fulgurant. Egor est un prof qui approche la langue totalement différemment avec une réelle pédagogie et il fait travailler la prononciation !  Pendant les cours nous lisions des articles, nous échangions sur l’actualité du moment, débattions et Egor trouvais toujours des sujets en relation avec mon métier.  Je vous conseil ce prof fortement !!!  Pour la petite anecdote: Il m’a étonné lorsqu’un jour il m’écoutais parler en anglais me répondais en français et prenais ses notes en chinois… Amazing Teacher !!

– Alex Ortega, France

Claire Marine picJe m’appelle Claire Marine P., j’ai un Master en Droit pénal français. J’ai suivi des cours avec Egor durant quelques semaines durant l’année 2012. J’ai beaucoup apprécié la liberté que nous avions dans ce cours. Nous pouvions envisager tous les sujets que nous voulions. Grâce à cela nous avons appris tout le vocabulaire dont nous avions besoin ou par lequel nous étions intéressés. Ce cours était plus qu’un cours d’anglais traditionnel, nous pouvions débattre et échanger avec Egor et les autres élèves. Cependant, il nous a aussi fourni de solides connaissances en grammaire. Le fait qu’il parle de nombreuses langues a permis de rendre ce cours plus international qu’il ne l’était déjà.

– Claire-Marine Plantier, France

Alessandra picI always found difficult to improve my English with the teachers I had in school.. but then I met Egor! I’m really happy I spent some time in his classes because he had a different, new way of teaching, which I’d never experienced before. The best improvement for me was how I increased my English vocabulary. No teacher before spent enough time on common expressions, idioms, phrasal verbs.. With Egor, every week all the students had to look up some new words, explain them to the class and then we all tried to use them in a discussion, in a text or playing some games. It was fun and I learnt a lot of new things because we repeated them many times, which is necessary!

Alessandra Volterra, Switzerland


Chaki pic因材施教的好老師

Egor 是我這輩子遇過最好的英文老師,一開始的時候他會先在輕鬆愉快的談話中確認我的英文程度,然後詢問我想學習英語的哪一部份,而我選擇了對話、發音、文法。在每一次的見面時,他會選擇一些我比較感興趣的議題來對話,也因為如此讓聊天的過程中變的非常有趣,過程中他不會打斷我內容,而是把整個對話過程記錄下來,結束後才開始修正我的文法以及發音。Egor更厲害的是他會說中文,甚至還會寫中文,每次遇到我真的無法理解的時候,他就會適時的用中文解釋給我聽,這對我來而言,學習英文比較沒有壓力,也更容易理解。在這樣的輕鬆、自然、愉快不斷的重複練習下,我的英文能力有快速的提升,這真的很感謝Egor的幫忙,謝謝,你是最棒的。




Vivien picI was annoyed when Egor ask us to write almost every class.. However, I found it really helpful for student like me. My oral English is good enough for usual conversation. But I write like a middle school student. Egor pushed me to practice my weakest thing. He taught me a lot of written expressions to make my writing more adult 🙂 I’m still keeping the note and check the it every time before writing something  😀

Vivien Jia, China




ChengChieh picEgor是個很特別的老師,在Kaplan 念語校的這兩個月時間,讓我的口說和寫作能力進步不少。老師的上課內容很多元且有趣,不會像大部份的老師都注重在課本裡面的文法或者句子(那真的很無 聊……)。 另外還有一項對我幫助很大的就是:下課後老師就會變成大家的朋友,跟大家相約去吃個晚餐聊聊天,聊天內容天南地北,各種話題都可,也因此講到很多平常不會 用到的單字或者美式用法。老師也會約我們去參加一些特別的活動,讓我們體驗美國生活,這些都對我的口說幫助非常大!Egor真的是位很好的老師!



Shizuka picYour lessons helped improve my English skill very much. Ordinary language school class just teach ESL program which I has already gone through. However, your class was more and more advanced. Almost everything was new for me. Sometimes it was hard to understand but there were always other students can help me understand. We could discuss and sometimes chat (lol), it was exciting and fun experience for me I would not study about “insurance company’s bankrupt” by myself

Shizuka Shimazu, Japan

Sergio picI think you are a very good teacher, who is very well prepared and also know interesting facts in general. This, along with the way how you interact with the students, make your classes very enjoyable.  I think what makes you different is that you get along very well with people. I mean, I remember that I saw you like a good friend who happens to be an english teacher! there is nothing cooler than that! Yes, while I was there my english improved amazingly!  I really feel very lucky that you were my teacher, because thanks to you I’ve learnt a lot, about english and about city.

Sergio del Carpio, Peru



Katya pic Egor is a talented teacher. He is very patient and good at explaining. He helped me to prepare for entrance exams at Baruch college,NY.  In a few short sessions, he showed me how to plan out and write an academic essay.  This is something I can now use throughout my college career.  I’m very grateful to Egor. I think that without him, i would not be accepted to my college. Also, Egor is a good listener and friendly person. I could tell him about my problems, and he always gave me wise advice. Now he lives in France, but does not lose touch with me. I know that I can always turn to him for help.

Katya Emelyanova,  Russia




Kai picIn 2010 I went to NYC to improve my English. From February till May I went to “Kaplan International” language school, where Egor was one of my teachers. I got to know him as a very friendly and open-minded man.  The lessons were not only fun, but also informative. Often, he gave advice, how and where to get further information about interesting topics. He always knew how to explain the grammar in an understandable fashion. Furthermore, he gave many applicable examples, to support our learning.  What I liked most is that in his classes, Egor creates an environment of openness, in which you can participate easily. With respect to all the different cultures, the students came from; this was certainly the most important aspect to ensure effective learning. I can honestly say that I did improve my English. Back in Germany I passed the TOEIC-Test with 980/990 at the Leuphana University in Lüneburg, which was really great .

Kai Wallisch, Germany

Marie picYou never know what to expect from Egor Lazebnik.  One day he might arrive with crazy hair and a tweed jacket and the next, he will rock the goatee and the “vest-over-the AC Milan jersey” outfit.  Despite the fact that Egor is teaching in one of the most famous building (and who are we kidding, breath-taking… Empire State Building) in the most incredible city in the world (Paris doesn’t stand a chance!), Egor’s way of teaching is definitely not in synch with New York City. This yoga-practicing, bike-riding, guitar-playing, pilates-loving teacher has such a calm way of approaching teaching. It put me off at first – being hyperactive – but it turns out to be very rewarding to be taught English in such a way, calmly. One of the most rewarding aspect of Egor’s teaching is probably his experience of the world – having travelled to (or met people from) it feels like pretty much everywhere – he’ll always have something to share and an interesting insights on other culture and frame of minds. This also makes the teaching not shallow but meaningful: we actually used to talk about really stuff and not things you can easily find in a grammar textbook and that half the time, do not make any sense and will bore you to death. I can’t say for sure if my English has improved but what is sure is that Egor’s lessons were not boring at all and were constructed in a way that allowed us to have plenty of conversations on various topics: politics, culture, art, pilates, yoga, sports, travelling, (some more yoga and pilates!), etc. Every topics was interesting because – as I mentioned before – Egor is not close-minded and has met people from everywhere, heard every possible and extravagant story about every one of our countries! I remember being able to expand my vocabulary on various topics, which makes it easier after to hold a decent and deep conversation in the class and mostly outside class.

Namaste, Egor! May you continue teaching as long as you like it (read: bear us!)

Marie Fetiveau, France

Daniel Yoon picI really enjoyed Egor’s class every single day when I studied English at Kaplan ESB. If you just saw him teach English outside of the class, the way he taught English might not look very special, but there was definitely something that made me stay focus on his class very well. I believe it is probably because he knew what he had to do. I have had many ESL teachers for one year as my English level went up—6 months in Vancouver, Canada. Most of them were good, but some of them, sorry to say this, were not really helpful as much as Egor. For example, Egor never hesitated to answer questions I asked; you can get a RIGHT answer in five minutes, and I guarantee this. Even though you are a native speaker, you do not know all the grammar, but he seems to do. Different from other native speakers who have part jobs as ESL teachers, he will never make you confused. Also he taught a lot of useful vocab items and idioms. If only I had studied so much harder and memorized everything he taught me… Anyway, thanks to Egor, I didn’t have any problem taking classes at my college in NYC. He is the best English teacher I had.

Daniel Yoon, South Korea

Ozge picEgor He is the most laid-back, relax English teacher I have ever had. Because of these characteristic of his, having attended his class was always comfortable for me. I have got some English words that I have never forgotten because of his teaching style which is quite effective. As a student it is not easy to remember sometimes meaning of the word though, I check ten times in the dictionary! He stimulates student to debate in the class, So, we have had to chance to practice the words that He’s taught us during the class. Thus, I stil can remember the meaning of words from his class. He knows how to get student’s attention He usually does not care about class hours for this reason ,If the student really do want to study English, the way of his is not drastic . But I also remember that he was always ready to answer students’ questions even after class hours. It was fun to be his student and I have learnt a lot. Thank you Egor.

Ozge Yildiz, Turkey


Niklas picLearning English in Egor’s class meant intercultural intercourse at its best. As well as he knows about american, russian, french or even chinese language and history, he also inspired everyone of us to think outside the box. So many inspiring discussions followed in class, some of them I still remember now. He’s a real New Yorker, and I had a great time being a part of his class.

Niklas Schenker, Germany




Aiganym picYes Egor’s classes were very good,interesting) As we were proficiency class we tried to study more) I learned a lot of new words) my speech is much better than it was) Egor gave many possibilities to learn english , to practice speaking ,writing skills) Also i expanded eyesight)

       – Aiganym Stybaeva, Kazakhstan





Mette pic     I had the pleasure following an English course with Egor teaching, 3 weeks in the fall of 2010. It’s the best course I’ve ever taken. I’ve never learned so    many new words and expressions in in such a short time and we talked a lot, I really improved my speaking! Egor is good to get the students engaged and perform their best. His classes were never dull and dreary and I learned a lot. The best English course I’ve taken ever!!

         –  Mette Storm-Johannsen, Norway




HyeWon picIn Kaplan, there was one specific topic for one week and every teacher focused on that topic. But you focused on the topic more specifically than other teacher. You gave lots of works(ex; Ted talk, web-surfing etc.) to make us prepare the class. It made us to think deeply about the topic, and enabled us to talk about it more specifically. Sometimes we didn’t like the homework, (Actually there’s no one who likes homework HAHA) but it helped us a lot!… And this is what I’ve talked about you with other students, you’re a really good listener! You really concentrated on what we talked about, and gave us appropriate reaction which made us talk more or think more. Moreover, you could deal various kinds of topics:))

And also, the writing task after learning new grammar or words was also helpful!! Making a dialogue or short play with what we had learned was really helpful.  These are what I remember about your class! There were some boring moments, but usually your class was really good! Or time makes me only remember good memory Hahaha

HyeWon Cho, South Korea



Dusan picI spent 1 month in NYC in November 2011 visiting Egor’s classes. In our classes we were discussing lots of different topics from all around the world and because of that, I think, all students did not learn only “English”, but we got also very interesting knowledge and tips about movies, art or for example important social issues. In my eyes, Egor is a great english teacher and also very clever person who can talk about lots of topics in a serious way and in a funny way as well. During that time I learned how to stop worry about making mistakes while talking, writing and reading in English, because the atmosphere in our class was very friendly, funny and cosmopolitan all the time.

Dusan Sacha, Czech Republic


SeJung picWhen I studied at Kaplan, I took a structured study lesson, which is giving a presentation, discussing and studying about specific topics. Egor was my teacher. I was impressed by his teaching because he was different from other teachers. The topics was very interesting, various and he always gave us detail information, definition of vocabulary that we should know about. I felt not only enjoy talking in English but also learn something very useful. I definitely improved my English speaking skills and cultural acknowledge as well. It was fun and everybody enjoyed it. As I remember, even though it was full of students, he always took care of each student. He is very thoughtful teacher! All of my friends who know him recommended me to listen to his class. Of course, I’d love to strongly recommend him as well.

SeJung Lee, South Korea


Julia pic…for students who really want to learn English (and private students definitely want to learn), your teaching is very good. What I liked is we talked/discussed a lot, about current topics, which I think is very important, because we learned to express ourselves.

Julia Neumann, Germany



In my case, your class was academic and helpful to improve basic skills of English. Subjects we discussed each week were informative and effective to learn some vocas. Preparing homework and writing some essays was especially helpful and made me to think a lot. Also watching Ted, a video of specific subject was little hard for me but great to enhance my English ability. Thank you so much and hope everything goes well!

– MunHyong Choi, South Korea

Egor was my English teacher in a summer course at Kaplan College. Before starting it, I was worried that I am about to start another boring and loaded English course, but from the first day at class I realized I have nothing to worry about. Egor had a variety of techniques, games and a great sense of humor that made the lessons attractive and fun. Quickly I have found myself waiting for another class to arrive, and was happy to notice that in between all the jokes and activities in class, my English was quickly improving. Egor used the fact that our class was composed with people from a variety of nationalities to add more interesting dimensions for our studies. He organized activities and missions that taught us about the countries of our classmates, combined with studies of grammar and vocabulary. Especially I remember a task where we needed to explore different companies from around the world, in order to find out which ones are good to the environment and which ones aren’t. By exploring and briefing about this undoubted interesting topic, we improved our grammar skills and learned plenty of new words. Another thing that Egor was great at was improving our confidence to speak English. He insisted that every student will speak in class at least once in a lesson, and was patient and helpful when we made mistakes.

I am grateful for having the chance to be one of Egor’s students, and certain that my classmates feel the exact same way. Through the six weeks I spent in his class my language improved completely, and now, when my English is fluent, I’m happy to be a student in a university in the United States. I would recommend Egor as a teacher to anyone who would like to find a quick, professional and fun way to improve his English. Oriana

Oriana Garty, Israel